Automatic handle applicator machine

The presented machine has been projected and produced entirely by our company, and is an automatic handle applicator machine.
The installation can be mounted on the existing production line, has it's own conveyer belt for transporting the handles to the sorting/applicator unit.
It's maximum capacity is 16.000 handles/hour which significantly speeds up the handle application procedure.

In present the following companies have such an installation mounted :

URSUS BREWERIES SA, Brasov and Buzau (2pcs) - Breweing factory
ALCONOR COMPANY SRL, Carei (1pcs) - Soft drink and mineral water producer
NOVA OAS SRL, Negresti Oas (1pcs) - Mineral water producer
PERLA HARGHITEI SA, Sancraieni (2pcs) - Mineral water producer